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Deep Sea Minerals 250ml
Deep Sea Minerals 250ml
Deep Sea Minerals
Deep Sea Minerals



Unlock your potential with our unique Deep Sea Minerals.

250ml bottle / 30 x 5g servings


Deep Sea Minerals are a rich source of concentrated minerals derived naturally from Australian Ocean Water. Over millions of years planet earth breaks down rocks into particles, then into sand to become part of our soil. Our plants then absorb these minerals and are in turn eaten by humans. Unfortunately modern day pollution causes these minerals to be diluted and lost, or greatly reduced in the food that we consume. Thank goodness for the oceans because these sea minerals are all in rich supply! Minerals are the building blocks for the communication between cells that is so vital for our body to function correctly, minerals build healthy bones, renew cells, renew tissue and organs and much more.


✅ Boosts immune function
✅ Enhances vitality
✅ Supports overall health
✅ Increases energy levels
✅ Balances mineral levels
✅ Improves cellular function
✅ Strengthens resilience
✅ Enhances nutrient absorption
✅ Regulates electrolyte balance
✅ Promotes detoxification
✅ Optimizes metabolic processes
✅ Supports healthy skin
✅ Bolsters antioxidant defenses
✅ Enhances cognitive function
✅ Aids in recovery
The product is know to assist in the following areas. However, people receive different benefits based on their lifestyle/health etc.


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5ml in liquid of your choice, drunk with a meal, preferably the evening, but whatever works best for you. 
Adults: 5ml (1 teaspoon) daily, diluted in juice or water. 
Ages 1-5: One drop per day per year of their life. 
Ages 5-12: Five drops per day diluted in a liquid of choice.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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What Charities do we support?

Great Barrier Reef Foundation

We've teamed up with the 'Great Barrier Reef Foundation' to help protect coral reefs and the animals that depend on them. Every time you purchase the Deep Sea Minerals a donation is made on the spot. Together we're regenerating and restoring the Great Barrier Reef and building its resilience with the goal of reef conservation and protecting it against other major threats.

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